Pool School 1985


This whole school photo was posted on a Facebook page -Thanks to Darren Hocking for uploading them

Mr Lamin helped to fill in most of the teacher’s names…

John Spenceley

Alvin Williams

Gareth Griffiths

Dick Angove

Clive Gronow

Pete Lyon

Pete Lyon

??? (head of Music)

Bob Bell

Tony McGarr

Adrian ????

Pete Brady

John Cosgrove

Dai Jones

??? (head of English)

Andy Woodhall


Roy Clayton


Bill Berryman

Penny White


Will Davies

Neil Howarth

Norman Pritchard

Pete Crick

Pete Kinsey

??? Hodgkinson

Keith Mayall

Bill Lamin

John Toms

Ray Basher

Mike Polkinghorne

John Borrow


Jim Wells

Roger Thomas

Terry Tresize

Graham Drew

John Oddy

Roz Ungate

Karen Barter

Alison Godolphin

Heather Hugh

Monica Hayward

Lyn Gow (Cullis)

Angela ???

Maggie Banwell

Kath Williams (Mitchell)

Maureen Berryman


Rose Joynes



Claire Staples

Jude Ryder



Al Barnes

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