Meet The Production Team !!!

The reporting team:

Ben Barker

Martin Clemow

Ashley Grenfell

Gareth Callaghan

Stuart Rule

Matthew Floyd

Nick Hyde

Luke Cantellow

Markel Perez (visiting

Spanish student)

David Fulcher

Emma Playle

Jenny Phipps

Karin Richards

Abigail Woods

Emma Ferguson

This team has been working on the magazine that you are about to read. Many fingers have been worked to the bone trying to get this magazine produced. All of the pictures you see have been taken with a digital camera and all of the pages are produced by the pupils themselves.

Changing Rooms was Never Like This! 

The aim was to decorate classrooms E and L. They needed a face-lift for the old brown rotting doors.

The Changing Rooms team have done the task well and succeeded in decorating the usually dull and boring D.T room. Bright colours have been used such as sunny yellow, rosy red and sky blue.

New cupboards have been constructed also. The team looked like they were having a great time. But the mess was incredible, paint splashed on the floor and newspaper everywhere!

Not everything went to plan. Andrew Stevens kept standing back to admire his painting skills which got on Kayley Bennetts nerves. Kayley threatened to paint him the same colour as the cupboard and he stopped for a while. Chris Brown saw all of this and his comment was a simple "ouch".

So all is well in the decorating department!

    The Designing group

Chris Brown hard at work !



    Gavin Dell , one of the designers



Mr Oddy and Ms Rider are taking charge of the activity ‘cycling’ at Pool School. This is because of Environment Week, that takes place every year. The longest trails that the group did were the Camel Trail at Tehidy Woods and the coast to coast trail to Devon.

To ensure the safety of the riders, Mr Oddy and Ms Rider did safety checks. They made sure everyone had a helmet, lent some riders colourful tops and took along a tool kit on every ride to deal with emergencies.

Ms Rider says that she and Mr Oddy chose the trails because they didn’t want to go on very busy roads and the trails were all fun.

Laura Venton, a student taking part in this activity, commented ‘I wanted to do cycling because it will make me fit and will be fun.’ She also says ‘The rides are very scenic but they are hard because there is a lot of up hill cycling.’ Paul Jones commented similarly, but added ‘When my bike was checked I felt nervous because I couldn’t go out cycling if it wasn’t alright.’

Unfortunately Paul Jones had bad astmah the first morning and couldn’t go out that afternoon. But despite minor mishaps, such as Paul’s, everyone enjoyed themselves!



Three days on the water at Hayle taught to one star by experienced instructors from Hayle canoe club.


You will have lots of fun - try any boat on Thursday- and also learn a new skill.


Suitable for those with some experience and absolute beginners. Access to a wet suit would be very useful. It will cost £15+ transport


the teachers that will be taking them are Mr Brown and Mr Payne.

Mr Oddy and Miss Ryder and some students

HERE IS JACK JOHNS AND LUKE BARTLEM. They went on the canoeing trip and they said it was fun and well worth the money and they would go again. Jack said that he would like to do it again next year.

by Emma Ferguson and Abigail Woods

This activity is lead by Mr Lamin and was based on cleaning the environment of Nancegollan and Godolphin Woods. First they went to Nancegollan. When they got there the pupils split up or did what they wanted. The girls did the painting of the goal post and the pitch lines while the boys played football. When I spoke to one boy he said this was his favourite day as he just played football all day. At the end of the day they all had a mixed game of rounders where I herd that there were lots of arguments about the final score.

Next they went to Godolphin Woods where they cleaned the woods of litter. After the pupils picked the litter they climbed a big hill which was very step and took a long time. When they got to the top it was a wonderful view that they could see Four Lanes very clearly so I advise you to go.

After that they piled up all the rubbish and twigs, they lit a bon fire that did not light properly until they they started to go.

On the third day they went to the beach where most of the pupils loved it especially Paul Baker who got soaked by a wave while he was on the rocks and also fell in the water. Other than that, seven boys went in the sea and had a great time.

Some of the boys were climbing the rocks and many of them got to the top.

The Post Cleaners Of Pool School

After that they went for a BBQ but MR LAMIN forgot the food so they did not have one. When I spoke to one boy he said “I really enjoyed it. I had so much fun I’d do it again” Then I asked a girl. She said it was a great time I’d recommend it to any one” When I spoke to MR LAMIN he said “They were great and I have had a great time”










The teachers running the walking trips are Mr James and Mrs Turner. This activity is to improve your map skills and you get trips to Bodmin Moor, the Lizard and Penwith and they promise to make it healthy and enjoyable.

There is also a transport contribution required.

Mark Edward and jan pierce went on the walking trip and they said that they enjoyed it a lot and he wants to go next year. They went to the beach and Jan did not go in the water because he did not want to spoil his shoes.


Written by Ashley Grenfell.

The T Team is here

Yes they are.

Team Tredinnick is here and here to stay. They are doing a make over of the school garden and the pond. Team Tredinnick has given themselves a maximum of two and a half days to clean the pond and do a complete make over of the garden.

On Wednesday they will go on a trip to the Eden Project where they will learn about plants and how they grow. The Eden project is one of the biggest green houses in Britain. When I spoke to some of the pupils they told me “I have had a great time I have found 50p and a bottle. We think it has been there for about 25 years” another said “I have had a wonderful experience and while we were digging I found a pipe and I think it is five years old. Mrs Tredinnick said “The pupils have work very well”

The diggers at the garden

Here them getting off the green express.

Team Tredinnick consists of Mrs Tredinnick and her mum Mrs Quick plus many pupils who chose this activity. This activity has an age rage from Year 7 to Year 9. When I spoke to some of the pupils they had their shirts off and there were plenty of smiling faces even though they were digging holes and raking stones. The gardeners’ hard work will have paid off because on Thursday they will be rewarded by planting their very one plants.

This is a great gardener examining the grass.

Keeping Horses


On this activity pupils went to Wheal Buller riding school.

This group activity is about keeping horses where pupils will learn to look after horses, keep them clean and eventually ride them. It costs £30 and £1 for the transport. This activity is run by Mrs Winn and Mrs Samson.

On Tuesday they made leadropes out of horse hair. These were used to lead the horses around the paddock. After that they made plaques. Some found them hard to make.

In the afternoon they watched Black Beauty, always guaranteed to make you cry!

The rest of the week was spent with the horses.

We interviewed Shaun Davis and Luke Johns and they said, they wouldn't mind going next year they found it easy and nothing hard. About six people fell off the horses. It was fun. When we went in they were watching a video of the activity and it looked like fun.

Written by Ben Barker



Mrs. Clift has organised an activity called JAWS for environment week. Some Pool School students have been having a fun filled week of art and sharks. On the 28.6.00 these students and Mrs. Clift visited the aquarium at Plymouth, which they all seem to of enjoyed. In the meantime they made paper mache sharks, shark mobiles, and an excellent tunnel at the entrance to their classroom with cardboard fish, and seaweed made out of coloured plastic strips, hanging down from it.

Regarding the aquarium they visited, Simon Johns said “The aquarium was alright, but I’ve been there before anyway!”

Jamie Carter also said that the aquarium was alright, but added “There was lots of good information, but you couldn’t touch any animals and that was disapointing.’

Shireene Butcher enjoyed the sharks and the tunnels but said that the rockpool with nothing in it was boring. Louise Mitchel thought the aquarium was ‘pretty good.’

However the group have also enjoyed the ‘arty’ side of this activity, with a large model shark hanging on the ceiling for company!

There is a fantastic model shark hanging up on the ceiling. It even has a man’s face inside its mouth!

The group has made an excellent arch way at the entrance to the room were the art work is based.




Mr Lyon is taking charge of the activity ‘Entrance to a Lane’ for Activity Week at Pool School. The group has been looking at a painting by Graham SUTHERLAND painted in 1939 in South Wales. This activity has been set in Tehidy Woods, where the landscape is very similar to the SouthWales.

Back at the art studio they deconstructed the painting and reconstructed it as their own version. Suzanne Clarke said ‘I chose to do this activity just for a laugh.” But Jason Warn commented, ‘I decided to do this activity because I like art.’ As you can see there were many different reasons!

The painting was made up of abstract shapes that were  joined together to make a picture that showed a tunnel, of what looked like trees, with a path leading into it. The colours were mainly greens and yellows with some black.

Mr Lyon is also painting his own version of the picture, like the students. Many of them say that the Sutherland is difficult to understand but they are sure that theirs will not turn out as well.

Here is one of the reconstructed that the students have created (one on the left) and the other side is the real thing.

Here is one of the students with his work




Because of activities week at Pool School, Mr J Womersley is giving students the chance to learn how to save lives . The students are learning the recovery position ,asthma, resuscitation and what to do if someone is choking . Many of the students say they chose the activity to gain their St John's Ambulance certificates, or because it sounded fun.

The students have also learned Dr ABC ,'these are the guide lines which you should follow when you came across a victim 1."danger"this means you need to look out for danger like, blood and sick 2.'response', this means whether or not the victim responds to your actions-3. 'airway' means you need to check the airways if they don,t respond , 4.'breathing' this is where you need to see how they are breathing and 5. 'circulation' this is when the person needs to check the pulse . One of students taking part in this activity

Simon Hendra said “I wanted to do this so that I could get my St Johns certificate”

The students were also taught by Jerry who’s a member of the St Johns Ambulance what to do if someone’s heart isn’t beating.

On the 29th of June 2000 they will be tested on all they have learnt.

They are all enjoying what they are learning about life saving. Mr Womersley said that teaching them to save lives is the main point of this course.

A member of St Johns Ambulance demonstrating mouth to mouth resuscitation

A student having a go herself.


By Emma Ferguson and Abigail Woods

    Paradise Mania !!

This was a trip to see Paradise Park in Hayle.

Mrs Holzman, Mrs Joynes and Mrs Adams supervised the trip.

Paradise Park has mainly got birds in its enclosure but there are also some other types of animals. As we heard from Lucas Warne.

"I saw a red panda!" he explains.

"There was a Python there too" adds Mrs Joynes.With great courage the students stroked!

"I wasn't scared at all!" comments Sarah Pilcher

(Yeh right!)

Feeding penguins was also part of the trip.Which Sadie Tresidder did not seem to enjoy.

"I didn't like feeding the penguins because the fish were very slimy and it was embarrassing .

Sadie seemed to have a bit of a bad day as later on a bird had a little accident on her head ! Well they say it's good luck don't they !

When the pupils got back they were working hard on displays, which we had a little peek at!

They showed information on the types of animals they studied.

Sounds like they have been up to a lot of hard work.

Well done gang!

The class

Lets Party 


The teachers who are organising the senior citizens tea party are Mrs Staples, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Nettleton and Mrs Hosking.

The senior citizens tea party is being held in the main hall after ‘Grease Lightning’ The tea party will start at 12:00 serving food which the cooking group have prepared for them and will serve at the tea party. The food will be cakes, biscuits, crisps, sandwiches, sausage rolls etc. The cooking group have to make decorations as well for the party, they also have to make flower arrangements will be given as a gift for the senior citizens to take home.

There will also be a raffle in the hall for the senior citizens.

This is the group that have produced the food for senior citizens.

These pictures shows how much of a great time people had.



and the article of witchcraft & wizardry


Harry Potter, ever heard of it? That’s a stupid question, everyone’s heard about it, but have read any yet? If you have then you’ll probably agree with me when I say they’re great, exciting, action packed, scary, got a great story line and are overall classics. If you haven’t read any then I intend to create more fans. First try reading my basic guide to the ‘World of Harry Potter’ and hope to answers any of your questions. If you get interested read the exciting short passage from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. Good luck and I hope you enjoy my article!!!


Your Guide



Harry is a wizard, that’s what you find out in book one ‘The Philosopher’s Stone. In the beginning Harry is rescued from the clutches of the most powerful dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. Harry is the only one who survived, but was given a scar of a lightning bolt upon his forehead. Well, Harry is taken to live with his Aunt and Uncle (the Dursley’s)

Harry grows up, with an abused childhood, the reason, the Dursleys know Harry is a wizard, and they hate anything to do with magic.

It was on Harry’s 11th birthday that he received a magical green envelope, and it tells him, he is a wizard and that he has a place at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before Harry knows it, he is on a magical express (the Hogwarts express) and has made friends with fellow students Ron Weasley and Hermione Grnger. From that moment on a huge adventure starts for him, includes battling a giant snake, the darkest living creatures on earth, an escaped murderer, a fire breathing dragon and a stone of magical powers.








The 'It's a racket' group, with Mrs Smith, is enjoying a taste of the Wimbledon life. Picture the scene, a short cut lawn, a huge crowd, strawberries and cream, and Cliff Richard singing!

Tennis, Badminton, Squash, you name it, the group have done it all, and more. The fun all started on a humid Tuesday morning, the sun was out, the rain was in and the adrenaline was flowing, oh and there was time for a little game of Badminton. A quick gulp of water latter and the action was flowing in a heat intensifying Singles/Doubles Tournament. Congratulations to JOHN BOONE and ANDREW PHILIPS who came out top in the Singles, and here are the brilliant players who won the singles








Later, after a well deserved lunch, it was off up to ‘Carn Brea Leisure Centre’ for a heap of games including Squash, Table Tennis and Badminton.


The birds were cheeping as the tennis rackets and balls made their way up to the tennis court for another days pure sports.

First off was for the team to know their skills.


We interviewed some of the young hopefuls after lunch.  Here is their reactions to their week so far.


We asked Jamie Rowe why he decided to do this activity. He replied by saying “because it’s fun”. He also said that his

favourite tennis player is Tim Henman and that he enjoyed Squash and added “because it’s fast and I’m good at hitting the ball.”

An other player who wished to be anonymous added that it’s very fast and that you get fit!

Another Jamie also told us that his favourite player is Greg Resedski and enjoys Squash because he likes hitting the ball hard.

Thursday presented another Singl;es/Doubles Tournament, but everyone all enjoyed Friday as prizes and certificates were presented. But as true as any tennis event, it wouldn’t be complete without a little Wimbledon viewing on the television!

Football has kicked off well with Mr Pritchard and Mr Randall.

A wide mixture of girls and boys leaning new football skills and tactics. It’s an enjoyable and exercising sport for anyone.

A few comments about the sport were


“It’s alright” says Nathan Dell

“It’s a fun sport I like footie a lot” says Kelly and her mates.

As we were earwigging on the football groups team talk we heard Mr Pritchard giving advice including comments on David Beckham and Michael Owen and how they train every day.


“It’s not just playing the game it’s the tactics that matter “he comments to the team.


He went on to say

“Famous footballer’s such as Beckham and Owen don’t just train now and then, they train for 5 hours a day”

What educating advice!

Well done footballers hope to see you lot in the World cup in the near future!


By Emma Playle + Jenny Phipps

The team

Owen Barret

Nathan Dell

Litter Bugs Watch Out Your Enemy Is Here


Yes they are. Our heroes are here and fighting the litter bugs out of school. The leader of this activity is Mr Davis. He is the leading his army that marches around the school picking up the litter and their reward is that they can play with any sport they want to. The pupils pick the litter for fifty minutes and then they play a sport for fifty minutes. Many of the pupils love the sport they play but many of them do not know how much they are doing for the school and their community. They are real stars. They pick the litter up every where at the front of the school where the thick of it is. There is not much litter on the fields but the pupils even look up trees were they can find many strange things like a pair of pink boxer shorts. When I spoke to one boy he said "It is a lot better then I thought" and another said "I    thought it would be boring but I was wrong" Mr Davis said he has been very happy with the pupils performance .

This is what they hoped for, but if you looked at their faces when they



Surfing the environment was with Mr Creeper, Mr Dove and Mr Peasley.

Sun, sand and surf was what they wanted, but it wasn’t what they found.

Oh no! They found the sun and the sand but not the surf.


The first day in Newquay the sea was flat, it was also as fast as a pancake in St Ives the next day. Still determined to find the surf they headed out to Sennen and Gwenver on their surf bus.


We caught up with David Fulcher and this is what he had to say about the first day on the activity ‘The Surfing Environment’ and what it was like’

“The surf was flat when we got to Newquay, I think it picked up through out the day but it was still small at the end of the day.”

Luke Cantello’s brother Robin went on the Surfing Environment, we couldn’t get an interview with Robin but we got an interview with his brother Luke, this is what he had to say about it;

“My brother was disappointed that the surf was flat on the first two days because it was his first time on the trip. Robin has just recently bought a new bodyboard and really wanted to try it out, so you can imagine that he was upset.”

came back, you could tell that they didn’t get it, or anything near the size of this.

Most of them have probably never seen anything this size in their life.


When Dr. Jones and Mrs Wood Robinson proposed to do a 20 minute version of the film 'Grease', people thought they were crazy because Grease is set in America, and it would be hard to bring America here.

The Grease play is being produced for Environment Week and it will be shown to the senior citizens on Thursday and on Friday and it will be shown in front of the whole school in the main hall.

There are three main songs in the play and these are the order that they are going to be sung in;

'Summer Nights'

'Hopelessly devoted to you'

'You're The One That I Want'.


The whole cast of 31 will be singing the songs. In the cast there are only six boys and the biggest 'boy' is Steve Edwards, a member of staff.

On the stage there will be two groups, one group will be singing to the other group and vice - versa. This is probably the place where any mistakes will come as in rehearsals they were muddled up by saying each others lines and singing other people's songs. These mistakes will add humour to an already funny musical.

Some of the people in the play haven't acted before in front of audiences and some of them

haven’t sung before but they’re all having a go.

We went to the rehearsals to ask a few questions on how the cast thought it was going, here are some of the comments;

“They have done brilliantly.”

“It’s been hard work because it’s two groups blended into one.”

“They look nervous about going in front of loads of people.” Most pupils have taken part.

Steve Edwards said, “A bit slow to sort, I wish I they could go faster because they can’t work as a team. Yes it’s been hard work trying to learn the songs and the moves.”

Sarita Watson

This is the cast of Grease



Between the 19th to the 30 of June the Year 10 school pupils have the chance to work at a place of their choice and hopefully will have an idea of what they want to do in the future. Some of the pupils work in the school during the environment week. They help out on some of the activities that the school does.

Some of the pupils have done their first week working in school and they are now doing work experience for the second week somewhere else. Some of the other Year 10 worked for both of the school weeks in the same place.


Eight pupils did their work experience in France. The eight are having a brilliant time. One pupil is working in a restaurant, another is working in a travel agents. The rest of the French group are working in shops of some kind. Not only do they have a good work experience they also learn more of the French language to help them with there GCSE,s.

The eight pupils that have gone to France are staying with French families. The eight pupils are as follows: Samantha Jones, Samantha Jeffery, Alessandra Parsons, Kiri Owen, Nicola Kennet, Rebbeca Allen, Anne

Carlo at Pirate FM

Sleeman, Sarah Nixon. Mr Bell has gone out to France with these pupils.

Meanwhile back in Cornwall, Carlo Contrino has been working at the radio station Pirate FM. During his time up at the radio station he has broadcasted live on air with Ian Palmer.

We caught up with Carlo and we asked him a few questions on how it was going and this is what he had to say: “It’s all right and it got better as the week went on. The people at Pirate are fantastic. I got the chance to work at the radio station because I wrote them a letter saying what GCSE’s I wanted to do. I was fascinated with the equipment that they have got there. The main high point was helping to design and make an advert for the station. The lowest point was doing the reception duty in the mornings. The funniest moment was helping to write a story about a woolly monkey called Ben. Ben was undergoing a cataract operation because the other woolly monkeys were beating Ben up”


By Matt Floyd & Stuart Rule

Miss Bardens team went to the woods on a mission.... to find rubbish. Why, I hear you ask? They have been making fish for Mr. Lyon's painting but this is no ordinary painting.

This painting is going to be a painting with effect. It will stick out and look real. It will be as if you are inside the picture.

The fish are being made all over the period of Environment Week.

On Tuesday the group went to Tehidy Woods to collect natural objects and rubbish to fill a wooden fish. They played a game called Tiniaki. The game is where the groups have a list of materials and the first group to finish the list was the winner. Four of the group decided it was too hot and went for a swim.

We went into the workshop to find out exactly what type of things they are creating. On Thursday they are making their own creations (that should be a scary sight).

We asked a few questions and these are the responses that we got,

John Cosgrove said; "The trip was an enjoyable experience and it was good fun."

Cristina and Kerry told us about the trip; "It was a good trip and we enjoyed a lot, it was a good laugh. The funniest moment was when the boys were singing on the way home, they sounded like throttled cats."

This is the ‘CRAZY’ gang

Mr Tredinnick said that the kids were very constructive in their bin digging as they recycled the cans which was the material that they mostly used.

This is the fish the group has made.

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